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Critical studies

Critical studies Essay

This is my final draft of my critical studies essay.

“Better dead than disabled”How cultural and social attitudes have shaped representation of disability.


Critical studies discursive essay idea

For my discursive essay I have decided to focus on a subject close to my heart and something I can relate to, disability. At present, disability is a subject that is more spoken about in the Media today but in my opinion is still not spoken about enough. After gaining new information from the lectures I decided I wanted to look at the censorship of disability in Media forms and why disability is censored out or ‘forgotten’ about so to speak. I want to delve into why disabled people are not present in films and television and if they are, then why not in a positive manner. Why are disabled characters used for comedic value and not taken seriously? I also want to look at why physical disfigurements are or were censored out in the past.


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