Blog request from Talent managers at Channel 4. 2016.


My experiences at Channel 4 led to me writing a blog for the channel’s website that other disabled people can read which has been effective in giving others a positive perception of me and my abilities. Having my blog attached to a huge platform means my name is now connected to Channel 4. You can type my name in on the 4talent website and my blog comes up. If you search ‘Emma Clifford C4″ in google, my blog is the first page to come up which is actually giving me recognition which in the future could help with potential employment. Blogging also shows my ability to write and communicate through words.

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Google search of my name and Channel 4 on 06/04/17.


My blog that is on the Channel 4 website can be viewed here.

Having experienced having a blog on a huge platform, I have witnessed how this is also a networking tool that is great for social media. Even today the link can and is still tweeted on Twitter by 4Talent and through sharing, various disabled companies and job recruitment companies have shared my blog resulting in getting my name thrown out there. Charity MDUK also contacted me asking for me to write a blog for their website which can be viewed here.


At the RTS Careers fair I went to, February 2017, I was able to visit real life industry professionals with my CV to get their opinion on whether my CV was eye-catching enough to potential employers. A number of suggestions/issues were made about my CV. They can be viewed here.

Using the feedback received, I created a CV specifically aimed at a runner’s job, which is the first step I am working towards for a career in production management before Producer. I learnt CV’s just need to include basic skills and information relevant to the job position. Too much information will result in my CV being dismissed.  Industry professionals at the RTS careers fair (February, 2016) suggested a runner’s CV should be no more than 1 page long. My old CV can be viewed here. My new updated CV can be viewed here.

I  understand my CV will constantly change and need regular updating as my career progresses. Each new role I apply for will need a new CV. I learnt an employee can have numerous different CV’s depending on which job they are currently applying for as in the Media Industry it’s quite common to move around roles. I have since applied for runner jobs at ITV. I uploaded my runner’s CV to my Linked In profile for potential employers to view my experience. Linked in page is a good networking tool as future employees can find me and also past employees can recommend me and leave ‘endorsements’ on my profile for others to see. My Kinda Future (a company in Partnership with Channel 4) endorsed my analytical and social media skills from my day working with them. (February 2016) When I was accepted onto the ITV insight program (March 2017) I gained access to the ITV Insight page on Linked in where I search everyday for jobs posted by ITV. Some jobs are paid, some are work experience but any that I am accepted onto will be good experience for me.

Business card

In order to create job opportunities through Networking, I designed a business card to give out to potential employers that included my personal details as I realised at events I could be missing out on potential employment. Business cards are small and easy enough to store in a wallet or purse. The next steps for me are to look at creating a website to put future credits on and a place for all my work so I can also include the website on my business card. I also want to develop a company name and logo for myself  so I can be taken seriously as a freelancer.

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Right now in my career, a showreel is not helpful or relevant as I haven’t done any productions to show off a Producer role. A showreel is irrelevant to getting a job as a runner or work in production management but in the future as I work on productions where I can credit myself as a producer, I will create a showreel.

Interview Techniques

At the RTS careers fair I was also able to learn about interview techniques. This helped me a lot in what to expect at future interviews and what the employers look for in a potential candidate. Adrian Johnson, BBC Series Producer (Children’s Television Producer course, February 2017) also sent me an email with competency questions and answers that can help me with future interviews showing again how networking is invaluable.

The STAR technique

Common Job Interview Questions

Interview techniques – Notes from events

All of these documents will help me prepare for future interviews and ensure I research the role I am applying for and make sure my interview is successful as I don’t feel interviews are a strong point for me. Looking ahead I can practice my answers and questions for future employment.

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A table of all events, job applications, work experience and courses I have attended to develop my career can be found here.